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Facilitating Critical Conversations for Collaborative Problem Solving

Active listening: Tolerating the silence

You’ve probably read lots of articles on active listening, so what else could be said about it? Well, this:  I’ve been coaching a manager who’s trying to improve his listening skills.  He tends to repeat himself in meetings, and hasn’t... Continue Reading →

How to build a learning community – for Coaches

You’re a firm of coaches or consultants, committed to your ongoing learning and development -  you’re not sure you have the time or stamina for an ongoing learning group, so what’s the firm to do?    (This is part 2... Continue Reading →

Best Practices in Developing a Learning Community

Colleagues often ask me:  How do you develop a dynamic learning cluster or community of practice with engaged members who are generous in sharing their knowledge and expertise?  These practices comes from my 15+ years’ experience creating a world-class professional learning... Continue Reading →

Hush your inner critic!

Have you ever introduced a new tool for a team to use in a facilitated process, and it didn’t go well?  What did you do? A month ago, I was facilitating a 2–day business process redesign, in which the team... Continue Reading →

“Flipping the Panel”

You’ve heard of “flipping the classroom”??  Well, think about applying that to designing an educational program with a panel of speakers! I had invited 3 panelists to speak on “Changing a System or a Culture” for the Boston Facilitators Roundtable... Continue Reading →

Speak Up?! Improve Your Team’s Decision Making

Have you ever been in a meeting where an important decision was being made, when you had something important to contribute - and you considered speaking up, but hesitated – and then decided not to say anything? And kicked yourself... Continue Reading →

Leading Change – Create a Compelling Vision

Are you trying to initiate change in your organization?  Maybe to increase accountability, to change a business process such as implementing EHR's (electronic health records), increasing the diversity of staff?  How are you getting people on-board?  How are you describing... Continue Reading →

Leadership Development for Physicians

Physicians are facing many challenges in a rapidly changing health care environment, given the move to ACOs, team based cared, and changes in the payment model. Many of those working in hospitals and clinics are finding themselves in leadership positions,... Continue Reading →

Collective Impact: Convening health-related community organizations

The buzz in health care these days is about health and wellness, making connections between the multiple factors that contribute to wellness, and focusing on how our communities can help keep people healthy. Examples include: Access to healthy food in... Continue Reading →

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