Skillful Facilitation & Coaching

Facilitating Critical Conversations for Collaborative Problem Solving

Identifying the root cause

While I was delivering 360 feedback to a division chief, we noticed several comments from his staff that they didn’t feel supported because he didn’t spend enough time with them.  I was wondering if he was ignoring them or if he... Continue Reading →

Tread softly…

I was coaching a new client this week - a director looking at a career move.  She expressed excitement over a job posting which she shared with a colleague, who then asked her “Why would you want that job?”  That... Continue Reading →

Active listening: Tolerating the silence

You’ve probably read lots of articles on active listening, so what else could be said about it? Well, this:  I’ve been coaching a manager who’s trying to improve his listening skills.  He tends to repeat himself in meetings, and hasn’t... Continue Reading →

How to build a learning community – for Coaches

You’re a firm of coaches or consultants, committed to your ongoing learning and development -  you’re not sure you have the time or stamina for an ongoing learning group, so what’s the firm to do?    (This is part 2... Continue Reading →

Best Practices in Developing a Learning Community

Colleagues often ask me:  How do you develop a dynamic learning cluster or community of practice with engaged members who are generous in sharing their knowledge and expertise?  These practices comes from my 15+ years’ experience creating a world-class professional learning... Continue Reading →

Hush your inner critic!

Have you ever introduced a new tool for a team to use in a facilitated process, and it didn’t go well?  What did you do? A month ago, I was facilitating a 2–day business process redesign, in which the team... Continue Reading →

“Flipping the Panel”

You’ve heard of “flipping the classroom”??  Well, think about applying that to designing an educational program with a panel of speakers! I had invited 3 panelists to speak on “Changing a System or a Culture” for the Boston Facilitators Roundtable... Continue Reading →

Speak Up?! Improve Your Team’s Decision Making

Have you ever been in a meeting where an important decision was being made, when you had something important to contribute - and you considered speaking up, but hesitated – and then decided not to say anything? And kicked yourself... Continue Reading →

Leading Change – Create a Compelling Vision

Are you trying to initiate change in your organization?  Maybe to increase accountability, to change a business process such as implementing EHR's (electronic health records), increasing the diversity of staff?  How are you getting people on-board?  How are you describing... Continue Reading →

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