Making Your Meetings More Productive

We've all been in meetings that drag on, without clear purpose or outcomes.  As leader or facilitator, you're responsible for making sure everyone's time is well-spent, and that you're successfully solving problems, while also improving the team's ability to work well together. Meetings are most productive: when there's a clear agenda when the desired outcomes... Continue Reading →

Engaging Adult Learners

As an adult learner, what do you expect when you attend a professional development program?  See if you agree with my list: Participants actively participate The facilitator is aware of the level of engagement of participants and adjusts the delivery accordingly The facilitator does not do most of the talking, and pauses to allow others... Continue Reading →

Public Engagement Best Practices

How do you improve public engagement in your town so that the community has a voice in town policies and development plans?  You hold a drop-in session to consult with them on their current needs! It was great fun facilitating a drop-in session last night with town leaders to support their public engagement activities.  Two... Continue Reading →

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