I was coaching a new client this week – a director looking at a career move.  She expressed excitement over a job posting which she shared with a colleague, who then asked her “Why would you want that job?”  That response sharply dampened her interest, so she didn’t apply.  When I asked her how she protects her aspirations from other’s negative input, she paused in a moment of recognition.  I was reminded of a line from a Yeats poem: “Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.”  Without skipping a beat she recited the preceding line:  “I have spread my dreams under your feet…”  Wow!  We found connection and resonance through a poem, and a source of motivation for her.

The outcome:  She’s going to apply for that job!  So, how do you protect your dreams from naysayers?  Where do you have to be selective about sharing your aspirations?

Coaches: How do you help others protect their dreams?

(The quote is from Yates’ poem “Cloths of Heaven”).

Image credit: LauraEllenAnderson.blogspot.com