Skillful Facilitation helps leaders, directors and teams to clarify their vision and translate that vision into reality. Abby Yanow and her associates are recognized for excellent facilitation, coaching and consulting services. We work with organizations to harness the collective knowledge of participants in order to generate innovation and sustainable solutions. 

Do any of these resonate with you?
  • ​Do people leave your meetings feeling confused about the decisions that were made? 
  • Do people get stuck in the “weeds” in your meeting, when they need to be looking at the big picture?
  • Are you getting the benefit of diverse perspectives in your meetings, or does your group tend to manifest Groupthink?
  • Are your staff performing their tasks with excellence? Do they know what excellence looks like?
  • Does your staff complain about interpersonal conflict, when what’s really going on emerges from organizational issues? 
  • Is your strategic plan sitting on a shelf? 
It doesn’t have to be this way.
Skillful Facilitation has a successful approach to help you and your organization work more productively, through leadership coaching, meeting facilitation and organizational consulting. We can help you get your organization aligned, energize your staff and achieve the impact that matches your vision for your organization. 

Call us to talk about what’s keeping you up at night!

Call Abby @ 617-625-0211    Email:  abby@skillfulfacilitation.com

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