Skillful Facilitation helps leaders, directors and teams to clarify their vision and translate that vision into reality. Abby Yanow is recognized for excellence in  facilitation, leadership and team coaching and organizational consulting. She works with organizations to harness the collective knowledge of employees and participants in order to generate innovation and sustainable solutions. 

Do any of these resonate with you?
  • Is your leadership team clear about their purpose?
  • ​Do people leave your meetings feeling confused about the decisions that were made? 
  • Do people brainstorm a lot of ideas but have trouble converging into an agreed path forward? 
  • Do people get stuck in the “weeds” in your meeting, when they need to be looking at the big picture?
  • Are you getting the benefit of diverse perspectives in your meetings, or does your group tend to manifest Groupthink?
It doesn’t have to be this way.

Skillful Facilitation has a successful approach to help you and your team work more productively, stay focused on the outcome, share assumptions and agree on the decision making process, so that you’re not second-guessing previously-established decisions.  We can help you get your organization aligned, energize your staff and achieve the impact that matches your vision for your organization. 

The board retreat was very successful, and you were very helpful; we couldn’t have done it without a facilitator and you were instrumental in our success. Thank you for guidance, leading the board through difficult discussions that we haven’t had.  Chair of the Board, Mass. Association of School Board Officials.

I’m happy to make a recommendation — particularly under the category of unflappability in assessing and redirecting unexpected challenges, hostility, dilemmas within groups. I guess that means you’re an unflappable facilitator!  Program Director, Obesity Prevention & Control Program

Let’s talk about what’s keeping you up at night.  Call 617-625-0211 or Email:  abby at skillfulfacilitation.com

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