“What people resist is loss, not change”

Don’t overlook the human side of change. “What people resist is loss, not change”.   Prof. Marty Linsky and Prof. Ron Heifetz, authors of “the Practice of Adaptive Leadership” Photo credit:  explorehr.org Listen to this organizational change scenario that I recently heard from an executive director.  See if you recognize anything familiar in this: We’re trying... Continue Reading →

Characteristics of an Effective Change Agent

It was so much fun to host a Facebook Live talk show on April 2 on “What makes for an effective change agent,” with my colleagues Rob Greenly and Greg Collins.  The technology is great, and the conversation was even better.  Watch here:  https://www.facebook.com/100004519807471/videos/977511429076175 See if your top characteristics show up in our list below: Building... Continue Reading →

Managing Polarities for Sustainability

Photo credit:  Polarity Management, Barry Johnson I was delighted to present a workshop on Polarity Management to the New England Alumni of the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). Polarities are “interdependent pairs that need each other to achieve a higher purpose or outcome that neither can reach alone.”  (Barry Johnson)  For example,  activity and rest;  balancing... Continue Reading →

Set Yourself up to Influence

I have been puzzling recently over this issue: the difference in having one’s opinions and expertise valued as an internal employee/consultant vs. as an external consultant. In some organizations or in some contexts, an external consultant’s expertise is perceived as valuable and something to pay attention to – whereas for an internal, his/her expertise may... Continue Reading →

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