Skillful Facilitation & Coaching

Facilitating Critical Conversations for Collaborative Problem Solving



Speak Up?! Improve Your Team’s Decision Making

Have you ever been in a meeting where an important decision was being made, when you had something important to contribute - and you considered speaking up, but hesitated – and then decided not to say anything? And kicked yourself... Continue Reading →

Action Learning: Collaborative Coaching of Non-Profit Directors.

What do you get when you bring together a group of coaches/consultants and 8 executive directors?? Here’s what the directors reported: Most remarkable 5-person therapy!  I got a number of great small Aha!s which confirmed the good things that we're... Continue Reading →

Sharing the facilitation: Helping teams & groups be more effective

One of my missions in life (smile) is to save groups from bad facilitation, to enable them to break through Groupthink, and to be able to ask process questions themselves.  Recently, Rick Lent raised a great question about the challenges... Continue Reading →

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