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Facilitating Critical Conversations for Collaborative Problem Solving



Engaging Adult Learners

As an adult learner, what do you expect when you attend a professional development program?  See if you agree with my list: Participants actively participate The facilitator is aware of the level of engagement of participants and adjusts the delivery... Continue Reading →

Hush your inner critic!

Have you ever introduced a new tool for a team to use in a facilitated process, and it didn’t go well?  What did you do? A month ago, I was facilitating a 2–day business process redesign, in which the team... Continue Reading →

“Flipping the Panel”

You’ve heard of “flipping the classroom”??  Well, think about applying that to designing an educational program with a panel of speakers! I had invited 3 panelists to speak on “Changing a System or a Culture” for the Boston Facilitators Roundtable... Continue Reading →

Real communication… Andrew Cohen

"Real communication is a creative process at the highest level of human potential. When human beings come together for this purpose, something new is literally created in consciousness. Miraculously, the mind of enlightenment itself begins to emerge through the collective... Continue Reading →

Training: One size doesn’t fit all!

Picture this:  Your organization is delivering skill-building programs to several project teams, all at different stages of team development.  Do you have one curriculum for all these teams?  Hopefully not - you/we need to adjust the curriculum to the different stages... Continue Reading →

Sharing the facilitation: Helping teams & groups be more effective

One of my missions in life (smile) is to save groups from bad facilitation, to enable them to break through Groupthink, and to be able to ask process questions themselves.  Recently, Rick Lent raised a great question about the challenges... Continue Reading →

Have Webinar, Will Travel

In this age of limited resources, companies are scaling back on travel. But they’re achieving “virtual travel” by providing web conferencing and webinars! Have you participated in any webinars or web meetings recently? If so, you've probably noticed that the... Continue Reading →

The Art of Intervening in Meetings

We’ve all been there: someone’s dominating the discussion in a meeting, or the discussion is getting off-track. What to do? Does the facilitator stop the dominating voices, or refocus the group? If not, do you sit there and put up... Continue Reading →

Asking for Feedback (it’s a gift!)

As group facilitators, we're trained to examine our impact on the group. Skilled facilitators have developed radar that clues them in to how the group is reacting, and they can fix their delivery mid-stream. We look for these clues in-the-moment,... Continue Reading →

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