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Polarity management: A Leadership Tool to Manage change

I recently facilitated a workshop on Polarity Management to a group of surgeons and doctors, who found it extremely beneficial. I had a “before and after” experience when I learned the model – after you see it, you think, “This... Continue Reading →

Creating “Organizational Learning” – What could get in the way? #2

Example 2:  Health Care Improvement: Checklists anyone?  You've probably heard of checklists by now, made famous by surgeon Atul Gawande,  author of "Checklist Manifesto".  It is now accepted that surgeons  should use checklists to improve patient safety and outcomes of surgery. As... Continue Reading →

“Learning from Mistakes”

As an OD consultant (Organizational Development), I'm interested in organizational learning, building the capacity of teams and staff to learn from their experience in order to improve future performance.  I help organizations create the practices of ongoing reflection and learning,... Continue Reading →

Using Social Networks for Behavioral Change

If you're trying to immunize people, or to implement a behavioral change, like safer sex, or reducing smoking, how do you apply the science of Social Networks if you don't know what the network looks like? The authors of "Connected"... Continue Reading →

Asking Doctors Tough Questions: Whose responsibility is it?

In previous posts I mentioned the issue of getting doctors to wash their hands, and how hospitals are trying to do that - from an initiative to get patients to ask their doctor, to getting nurses to remind them. So... Continue Reading →

Oops, They operated on the wrong knee…

Did you see that some surgeons operated on the wrong knee of their patient last week? (Feb. 18, 2009, Providence) NECN said that “After the botched procedure, the hospital began requiring surgical staff to use permanent markers to mark where... Continue Reading →

When Deviance is Positive!

Speaking of Handwashing in Health Care Settings… Have you heard about Positive Deviance? Deviance in this case means going against the norm and achieving positive results. Sometimes, if things aren’t going well in some departments, you can look around to... Continue Reading →

Where Cultural Competence & Organizational Effectiveness Meet

As an Organizational Development consultant, I get to think about how effective organizations are: their staff, their initiatives, their ability to deliver excellent service.As I’m also trained in cross-cultural communication, I sometimes look at organizational issues through that lens. When... Continue Reading →

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