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Action Learning: Collaborative Coaching of Non-Profit Directors.

What do you get when you bring together a group of coaches/consultants and 8 executive directors?? Here’s what the directors reported: Most remarkable 5-person therapy!  I got a number of great small Aha!s which confirmed the good things that we're... Continue Reading →

Polarity management: A Leadership Tool to Manage change

I recently facilitated a workshop on Polarity Management to a group of surgeons and doctors, who found it extremely beneficial. I had a “before and after” experience when I learned the model – after you see it, you think, “This... Continue Reading →

Training: One size doesn’t fit all!

Picture this:  Your organization is delivering skill-building programs to several project teams, all at different stages of team development.  Do you have one curriculum for all these teams?  Hopefully not - you/we need to adjust the curriculum to the different stages... Continue Reading →

Creating Organizational Learning #1

I've been keeping my eye out for examples of Organizational Learning, successes and problems.  I recently came across 2 fascinating examples: 1.  Working with a client group last month: A group of staff,  leaders in the pipeline, were encouraged to develop a strategy for their... Continue Reading →

Organizational Learning – Are your staff members teaching one another what they know?

How does your organization rate on Organizational Learning? Are your staff sharing knowledge and teaching one another what they know – about your clients or customers, about best practices? Who has valuable knowledge that’s not being tapped into? "Learning Organizations"... Continue Reading →

“Learning from Mistakes”

As an OD consultant (Organizational Development), I'm interested in organizational learning, building the capacity of teams and staff to learn from their experience in order to improve future performance.  I help organizations create the practices of ongoing reflection and learning,... Continue Reading →

Courageous Followers

A few months ago I heard a talk by Ira Chaleff, author of “The Courageous Follower: Standing Up To and For Our Leaders.” In his book, Ira recommends that leaders create conditions in which “it is easier for followers to... Continue Reading →

Set Yourself up to Influence

I have been puzzling recently over this issue: the difference in having one’s opinions and expertise valued as an internal employee/consultant vs. as an external consultant. In some organizations or in some contexts, an external consultant’s expertise is perceived as... Continue Reading →

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