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What happens if you schedule a drop-in session on public engagement and town officials show up?!

How do you improve public engagement in your town so that the community has a voice in town policies and development plans?  You hold a drop-in session to consult with them on their current needs! It was great fun facilitating... Continue Reading →

Polarity Management – at Harvard Kennedy School

Photo credit:  Polarity Management, Barry Johnson I was delighted to be invited to present a workshop on Polarity Management to the New England Alumni of the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS).  We had an excellent conversation about polarities, including a very... Continue Reading →

Looking for a new job?  Generating unexpected outcomes from the process.

If you’re a mid-career professional trying to land a new job or to move up the career ladder, what are your metrics of success?  Is “landing that job” the only metric?  What other metrics might there be?  What can you... Continue Reading →

Identifying the root cause

While I was delivering 360 feedback to a division chief, we noticed several comments from his staff that they didn’t feel supported because he didn’t spend enough time with them.  I was wondering if he was ignoring them or if he... Continue Reading →

Tread softly…

I was coaching a new client this week - a director looking at a career move.  She expressed excitement over a job posting which she shared with a colleague, who then asked her “Why would you want that job?”  That... Continue Reading →

Active listening: Tolerating the silence

You’ve probably read lots of articles on active listening, so what else could be said about it? Well, this:  I’ve been coaching a manager who’s trying to improve his listening skills.  He tends to repeat himself in meetings, and hasn’t... Continue Reading →

How to build a learning community – for Coaches

You’re a firm of coaches or consultants, committed to your ongoing learning and development -  you’re not sure you have the time or stamina for an ongoing learning group, so what’s the firm to do?    (This is part 2... Continue Reading →

Best Practices in Developing a Learning Community

Colleagues often ask me:  How do you develop a dynamic learning cluster or community of practice with engaged members who are generous in sharing their knowledge and expertise?  These practices comes from my 15+ years’ experience creating a world-class professional learning... Continue Reading →

Speak Up?! Improve Your Team’s Decision Making

Have you ever been in a meeting where an important decision was being made, when you had something important to contribute - and you considered speaking up, but hesitated – and then decided not to say anything? And kicked yourself... Continue Reading →

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