“I’ve been to a foreign country, these people aren’t actually evil, they actually have some good ideas!”

Imagine a group of stakeholders, talking about risk assessment of environmental spill sites, all with their own interests:  oil and chemical companies (don't want to saddle the expense), federal and state government (protecting the environment, an the interests of the public), environmental consultants (assessment and clean up are the core of their revenue).  Lots of... Continue Reading →

“How to have sensitive conversations with clients”

What messages about money did you learn from your parents?  Imagine the importance of this question if you're a financial planner working with clients who have problems with over-spending. I was delighted to facilitate a workshop on practice management for the Mass. chapter of the NAPFA (National Association of Personal Finance Advisors), on the topic... Continue Reading →

“When the leaders act like kids, the kids step up as leaders”

What a moving display of bravery, determination and vision from the Parkland students and the young people who organized "March for our Lives" across the country to protest gun control.  Their messages were future-thinking and visionary, calling for:  an end to gun control, protection for students, letting teachers teach and not carry guns,  and preserving... Continue Reading →

Making Your Meetings More Productive

We've all been in meetings that drag on, without clear purpose or outcomes.  As leader or facilitator, you're responsible for making sure everyone's time is well-spent, and that you're successfully solving problems, while also improving the team's ability to work well together. Meetings are most productive: when there's a clear agenda when the desired outcomes... Continue Reading →

Public Engagement Best Practices

How do you improve public engagement in your town so that the community has a voice in town policies and development plans?  You hold a drop-in session to consult with them on their current needs! It was great fun facilitating a drop-in session last night with town leaders to support their public engagement activities.  Two... Continue Reading →

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