Consultant or coach as instrument of change

You know, it’s August, we’re all hot and sweaty.  Here’s something “cool” to do to kick off your fall and engage your mojo!

As consultants and coaches, we’re in the business of helping people change;  as such, we use ourselves as  “instruments of change”.  With that in mind:

  1. What needs are you bringing to the engagement?
  2. Have you ever had a negative or unsatisfactory experience in your coaching, consulting or facilitating?  Would you like to debrief that with colleagues and glean the learning from that experience?
  3. How aware are you of the assumptions that you bring to the consulting or coaching engagement?

When you try to help people you bring your “self”, your assumptions and your personality to the engagement.  When you consult to a leader or team, your approach, your assumptions about helping and your mindset all have an impact on the client.   So, in order to be most effective, we need to understand how we are impacting the person or the system.

These sessions will help people become more aware of themselves as instruments of change. You may learn a few tools to help with that self-awareness, but mostly you’ll examine your own mindset and have the chance to debrief a consulting or coaching session that you’d like to learn from.


I’m inviting a select group of 10 coaches and consultants who want to explore themselves as “instruments of change”.  This pilot will run for 6 1.5-2 hour sessionsLimited to 10 people.

The program will begin in late September or October, once it’s full with the right people.  We’ll meet as a group every other week over 12 weeks (Fall 2022).  In-between weeks are designed for taking action, reflection and practice.  Sessions will be held on either Tuesday evenings or Saturday mid-morning;  exact timing to be determined based on the group’s preference.

This is for you if you are:

  • Working as a coach or consultant, with external or internal (you’re working full-time in an organization) clients
  • Have at least 8 years of experience in facilitation, coaching or consulting
  • Ready to invest in your personal and professional development


  • Discover how to enhance your effectiveness as an instrument of change
  • Be in community with other coaches and consultants
  • Feel supported on your learning journey
  • Receive peer coaching and coaching from Abby during the program

Cost:  Significant discount for this pilot program:  $100 for 6 sessions

If you’re ready to have greater impact on your coaching or consulting clients –  leaders, leadership teams and/or groups – let’s have an initial conversation to confirm that this is a good fit.  Email me: abby at


  • You did an amazing job at the recent program. You facilitated a group of facilitators with grace and poise. I so enjoyed being a part of the experience. One thing that stood out for me was the manner in which you “led” us, by letting us “lead”. You were definitely the person “in charge”, but your style was one that never shouted that fact.  So… fabulous job, my dear.  TGC, Public Speaking Facilitator
  • I hired Abby for a consultation on the design of a session with a senior leadership team.  I decided to call her because I’ve seen how skilled and purposeful she is in the design of programs.  I was so right in making this call – Abby was an excellent thought partner and coach.  She asked provocative and valuable questions and helped me look at both the internal (my own thinking) and external challenges related to this session.  Together, in a few short hours, we put together an awesome facilitation plan.  Abby should be your “Go To” thought partner to help in designing a program.  CS, Executive Coach
  • Abby is an exceptionally talented facilitator.  She’s highly intuitive, and has an amazing ability to sense what a group is experiencing at any given moment–what it needs–and the best possible way to respond.  I’ve seen her expertly clarify complex information for a group even before anyone has a chance to ask a question!  Abby has tremendous grace and communicates great respect for all present.  She always projects a very positive, uplifting presence–role modeling the values that the group aspires to uphold.  JK, Executive Coach