“Flipping the Panel”

You’ve heard of “flipping the classroom”??  Well, think about applying that to designing an educational program with a panel of speakers! I had invited 3 panelists to speak on “Changing a System or a Culture” for the Boston Facilitators Roundtable (BFR). When I considered my experience listening to panels, I realized that quite often, after... Continue Reading →

Leading Change – Create a Compelling Vision

Are you trying to initiate change in your organization?  Maybe to increase accountability, to change a business process such as implementing EHR's (electronic health records), increasing the diversity of staff?  How are you getting people on-board?  How are you describing the change? I was consulting a few years ago on a change management project, coaching... Continue Reading →

Leadership Development for Physicians

Physicians are facing many challenges in a rapidly changing health care environment, given the move to ACOs, team based cared, and changes in the payment model. Many of those working in hospitals and clinics are finding themselves in leadership positions, which extends beyond their responsibilities focusing on their patients and the “diagnose and fix” model... Continue Reading →

Collective Impact: The Power of Collaboration

The buzz in health care these days is about health and wellness, making connections between the multiple factors that contribute to wellness, and focusing on how our communities can help keep people healthy. Examples include: Access to healthy food in communities and in schools; making sure there are grocery stores or supermarkets that are accessible... Continue Reading →

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