Leadership Coaching

Being a leader can be challenging.  You might feel alone. Sometimes it feels like you’re In over your head.  (To quote the book by Bob Kegan).  That means that the skills that got you here may no longer serve you, as your environment gets more complex . You need an ally,  someone to listen attentively, without judgment, to what puzzles or challenges you. My role is to help you get more clear about the challenge you’re facing. In my coaching, I do the following:

  • Listen and ask powerful questions that help you gain insight. 
  • Engage you in reflection on how you’re making sense of things, and how that sense-making serves you.
  • Help you consider the impact that you’re having, and align that to the impact that you want to have.
  • Offer a reframe to look at a problem from another angle or from a system perspective.
  • Help you look at how your behavior serves you or how it gets in your way.

Listening and asking powerful questions – it’s what I do best.

Abby’s coaching helped me make significant steps forward in my professional life. She helped me identify useful strategies to manage a hostile work relationship, which gave my beleaguered self-confidence an important boost.  I recall one session where I told Abby: You’re helping me dig out the old Anne that used to be. You’re helping me reconnect the circuits.  And I often felt that we had surpassed the goals that I had set for the coaching session.  Director of Simulation Lab, University Hospital

You’re doing a great job.  I’m trying to develop these skills; some of these things are hard and some are hard to talk about, but you have a great demeanor.  I don’t think I would have improved these behaviors if you hadn’t brought that up for me. Your feedback has been a big help to me.   Quality Engineering Manager, Medical Components Company

Let’s build something together.