1. Abby’s coaching helped me make significant steps forward in my professional life. She helped me identify useful strategies to manage a hostile work relationship, which gave my beleaguered self-confidence an important boost.  I recall one session where I told Abby: You’re helping me dig out the old Anne that used to be. You’re helping me reconnect the circuits.  And I often felt that we had surpassed the goals that I had set for the coaching session.  Director of Simulation Lab, University Hospital
  2. You’re doing a great job.  I’m trying to develop these skills; some of these things are hard and some are hard to talk about, but you have a great demeanor.  I don’t think I would have improved these behaviors if you hadn’t brought that up for me. Your feedback has been a big help to me.   Quality Engineering Manager, Medical Components Company
  3. I had the opportunity to get executive coaching from Abby this winter and spring.  Her support and assistance was tremendously helpful.  During our coaching sessions, Abby was skilled at drawing out from me specific goals and outcomes, and she helped me come up with some very practical and concrete strategies to employ.  I found her line of questioning and her insightful suggestions to be spot on.  I also found her manner to be very supportive and easy to work with.   Assistant Commissioner, State Regulatory Agency
  4. I highly recommend Abby as a coach. I was very impressed with her insight and clarity when I consulted her regarding a leadership development engagement. She listened closely and asked probing questions, which generated a whole new way of understanding the factors at play, as well as a new action plan. If I had not talked to Abby, I would not have been able to understand all the nuances in this very complex leadership development situation. With her expert guidance I was able to see the depth of the situation and I am much the wiser for it.   CJ, Healthcare Change Consultant


  1. The board retreat was very successful, and you were very helpful; we couldn’t have done it without a facilitator and you were instrumental in our success. Thank you for guidance, leading the board through difficult discussions that we haven’t had.  Anne Gulati, Chair of the Board, Mass. Association of School Board Officials.
  1. I wanted to say thank you again for your facilitation yesterday. We accomplished more than I have ever seen us in my time in the group.  Kelly Baker Warner, MPH, Director of Family Planning, Cambridge Health Alliance.
  1. Let me also take this opportunity to tell you what a superb job you did facilitating the meeting – so well thought out and organized, clear agenda and great closure for both Boston Medical Center directors and consultants. K. Manion, MD
  2. Abby did an outstanding job in facilitating a Visioning session for our leadership team. She prepared well and was able to manage the flow of ideas throughout the day. In particular, Abby was adept at bringing the day to closure in an effective manner.  Eric Drummond, Director, Hult International Business School